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Judas Iscariot: Chosen or not?

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When Jesus chose the Twelve in Mark 3, Judas Iscariot was listed among them. Why did Jesus choose him if He knew Judas would betray Him? How could Judas be chosen and not be saved? These are questions that Christians have wondered through the years, but the Bible has answers. ...

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Disobedience in America: Where were their parents?


There is mass disobedience to authority in our nation today. Teenagers and young adults are running wild on our streets. Where did this come from? How did we get to this place in our nation? In this blog, we will look at the consequences of not teaching children obedience and what God commands of parents....

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Joy and Happiness: Is there a difference?


Many churches teach that there is a difference between joy and happiness. They make statements such as, "Joy is a constant emotion, but happiness is based on circumstances." Is this what the Bible teaches? In today's blog, we will see what the Bible says about joy and happiness. ...

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When Fear Is Your Friend

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Is fear only a bad emotion? Can fear ever be used for good? In this blog, we will see how we can use fear as a friend to reach those who have not placed their faith in Jesus....

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What We Learn from COVID-19


Our nation is hurting and fearful because of COVID-19. Does God's Word have anything to say about this? What can we learn through these unprecedented times?...

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Learning from a Blessed Nation

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As New Testament Christians, does the Old Testament still apply to our lives today? Can America learn anything from Israel? God has given us the Old Testament so that we might learn lessons from their mistakes. In today's blog, we will see what happens when God's blessings are turned into idol worship. ...

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