galilee_in_time_of_jesusWhile we study the New Testament, and specifically the ministry of Jesus, we read that Jesus and His disciples spent a lot of time in the region around the Sea of Galilee.  This region is located in the northern area of Israel. All of the apostles were from the region called Galilee, with the exception of Judas the one who betrayed Jesus.

On the map you'll notice the familiar names of many regions and cities. Regions such as Galilee, Judea, Decapolis.  Cities such as Bethsaida, Capernaum, Magdala, Gennasaret, etc.  And also the Mediterranean Sea shoreline cities of Tyre and Sidon that are mentioned throughout the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.

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For those of us in Minnesota, the Sea of Galilee is similar in size to Lake Mille Lacs in northcentral MN.  Lake Mille Lacs is just a little larger (17 miles vs 13 miles north to south) and wider (13 miles vs 8 miles east to west). The Sea of Galilee is 3x deeper than Lake Mille Lacs.

 Sea of Galilee with events

 Footnotes: Main Galilee map at top is from .  The map of the "Lake of Gennesaret" by Harbor is open-source.