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  • What is a typical service like in terms of the order of service?
  • Is there a dress code?
    • FBC does not have a dress code to attend.  Pastor Ace on Sunday mornings wears a suit and tie, and the elders usually are dressed in business casual and sometimes also wear a tie. Most attendees dress in a variety of ways, from business casual to casual.
  • Are we able to drink coffee in church?
    • We do offer a side table filled with some doughnut options (regular and gluten free) as well as coffee (caf and decaf).
  • What type of music is at FBC?
    • As you'll see in the weekly Sunday bulletins linked above, we mostly sing Hymns from the Hymns of Grace.  Our accompanyment is usually a piano/keyboard, guitar, and sometime some other special instruments, along with a few singers.
  • How long are the sermons?
    • Pastor Ace's Sunday morning sermons are between 45 - 55 minutes on average.  The time flies by quickly because of the rich depth of the scriptures and how Ace communicates what the key points are each sermon!  Ace received his MDiv from The Masters Seminary and was an elder at Grace Community Church, so the service order and sermon time is a familiar format if you've ever listened to GCC sermons.
  • Are there Children's services?
    • We do have an incredible Children's ministry each Sunday! Everyone attends the first portion of the larger worship service, then the children are excused after the singing portion to attend the Children's ministry. For more information see our Children's ministry page.