Imagine sitting in a Bible study and hearing the leader ask, "What does this verse mean to you?" Then your neighbor answers and says what the verse means to them. But what they said is different than what you thought it meant to you. Who is right? Are they right or are you right? Many people in the evangelical church today approach the Bible this way. But is this how God intended us to study His Word?

In this series we will learn how to interpret, understand, and apply Scripture to our lives so that we can be those who are "accurately handling the word of truth" (2 Tim. 2:15).

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hermeneutics PDF | audio

Lesson 2: Common Pitfalls of Bible Interpretation PDF | audio

Lesson 3: The Role of the Holy Spirit in Interpretation PDF | audio

Lesson 4: Foundational Principles of Interpretation PDF | audio

Lesson 5: Observation PDF | audio

Lesson 6: Interpretation PDF | audio

Lesson 7: Interpretation, Part 2 PDF | audio

Lesson 8: Application PDF | audio