Reminder: Beginning this week, Wednesday Evening Ministries and Equipping Hour is cancelled for the summer.

Faith Bible Church has many resources available to you (church members and visitors).  All of the sermons can be listened to, and many have transcripts that can also be downloaded and read.

Depending on your viewing screen size, you'll see a list of the resources either at the left if you have a large screen. If you are viewing on a small screen, such as a smartphone, the list of resources can be found in the upper-right corner expandable icon. The links are also directly below.

This site has all of the bible study sermons from the last few years, as well as our Equipping Hour teaching topics we learn each Sunday morning before the main service.  In addition there are links to the summer Podcasts, Pastor's blog, and other resources that will help you understand the Scriptures, sermons, etc. such as maps, timelines, calendars, and even messages from our guest preachers.

We pray you'll be back to this Resources page often, and gain much benefit from it!